Botox Customized

Botox-CustomizedApproved by the FDA, Botox® is a simple and effective non-surgical procedure used to reduce or eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles.  It is injected under the skin into areas including the forehead, between the eyes, the “crow’s feet” areas, frown and worry lines.  Botox® relaxes the muscles that cause wrinkles, while still allowing your face natural movement.

Why get Botox at Franklin Dermatology, when it is available everywhere, even at parties, at a cheaper price?

At Franklin Dermatology, we have many years of knowledge and experience when in comes to Botox.  We do not give the same standard injections to everyone.  In the privacy of our medical offices, you will be asked about your own personal goals for your face.  We will ask you to move your face so that we can study how your underlying muscles make your face wrinkle. No two patients are alike, by studying your unique facial structure and musculature, and considering your personal expectations we will earn your trust and deliver the results you are striving for.  Furthermore, our prices are extremely competitive and our results are outstanding. Many satisfied patients travel great distances to come to Franklin Dermatology for our customized injections, which leave them looking younger and refreshed.

Our experts customize the Botox injections to achieve complete  customer satisfaction, this is just one of the reasons patients travel great distances to receive Botox® injections for wrinkles at Franklin Dermatology and Surgery Center.

Dysport®, a Botox® alternative, and other FDA approved Botulinum Toxin Type A cosmetic treatments are also available at our office.