Sun Damage

000004817613SmallSun damage is the result of repeated exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun over the course of a lifetime.  This causes photoaging which presents as wrinkles, brown spots, dilated facial vessels, and loss of skin elasticity.  The damage is cumulative and can be exacerbated by other sources of ultraviolet light including tanning booths.  It is important to be careful with sun exposure and use protective sunscreens and clothing when outdoors to prevent this cumulative damage.

Fortunately there are many ways to improve the appearance of sun damaged skin.  These include intense pulse light laser treatments (IPL) for brown discoloration and facial blood vessels,  Botox®injections for wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, dermal fillers such as Restylane® and Juvéderm® to fill in and correct wrinkling in other areas of the face such as the lips and the marionette lines around the nose and mouth.  Chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments can improve fine lines and overall skin texture.  There are also many prescription grade cosmetic products available at our office which will help restore healthy skin.