What Does Skin Cancer Look Like?

What-Does-Skin-Cancer-Look-LikeSkin cancer can have many different appearances.  It may be an enlarging red bump, or a red flakey patch of skin.  It may be black in color or sometimes it will be pale in color.  It often is a lesion that is changing in size, shape or color.

Each year more than one million Americans are diagnosed with a form of skin cancer.

Characteristic Symptoms:

  • A new growth on your skin that may be irregular in shape, color or elevation
  • A growth that is painful, bleeds, crusts, scabs or itches
  • A sore that refuses to heal anywhere on the body
  • An existing skin growth that changes shape, color or diameter

The knowledgeable experienced staff at Franklin Dermatology and Surgery Center will help diagnosis and treat your skin cancer.

Should I check for Skin Cancer?
Yes, everyone should perform routine self-skin checks on a regular basis.  Skin cancers are prevalent and come in many different varieties of shape, size and color. You must be especially vigilant If you are an individual that falls into one of the high risk scenarios of having a light skin complexion that burns easily, living or working in an area with high sun exposure, if you experienced a great deal of sun exposure during your childhood, or if you have a family history of skin cancer.

What to do if I find a suspicious skin growth?
If you find a spot on your skin that falls into one of the above categories, contact Franklin Dermatology and Surgery Center and schedule an appointment to have the growth examined by one of our doctors. Skin cancer is almost always curable if detected early.